Design and Development

MBP Bearings specializes in providing innovative and customized solutions. MBP's technology centre is one of the major focus area amongst five Technology areas in MBP Bearings. It foresees the technologies developed by competitors and designs the best possible solution by using application engineering.

It is also involved in and committed to:

  • Identification and development of appropriate "Platform Technologies" namely for Automotive and industrial, as well as other products in existing market whose efficiency, smartness and competitiveness can be better met by advanced technologies.
  • MBP's designs have achieved zero PPM and have been appreciated and recognized by major OEMs.
  • MBP's design has been awarded for supplying world class quality products for automotive industry.

replica watches ukMBP's design and development is fully equipped with latest analysis and designing software's like AutoCAD and Creo Parametric which are operated by more than 20 design engineers, managed by an experienced team of Managers with a proven track record to serve the customer requirements in the best possible way in the Bearing industry.

We offer concepts and customized designs for passenger vehicles, light and heavy commercial vehicles. We also extend our design services by building prototypes which are tested in-house and are provided to customers to serve them in best possible way. Finally, MBP's design and development technology centre also offers project management services i.e. from project development to product market support.